The Most Common Questions

When should I make reservations?

To ensure you receive all treatments you want, when you want, not only is advance booking suggested, it is highly recommended. Guests may book up to 5 days in advance of their arrival. Some treatments may not be available every day.
Call our reservation number (0274) 2838139 or directly to the Studio at (0274) 4462211, (0274) 4287305, (0274) 549352 to reserve your appointments.

What are your opening hours?
What if I have special health conditions?
What if I’m late?
What if I forget about my reservations?
Can I choose Beautician for my treatment?
Can I choose private room for my reservations?
What I come directly to the Studio without making a reservation?
What is the reservation cancellation policy?
What time is the last reservation?

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