Face Beauty

Face Treatment

A good Skin makes every women feels done with herself.

In our salon we have face beauty treatments that’s can help everywoman treats her face skin. with our SPMU technic we offers face treatment that ranges from:

  • BB Glow
  • Korean Brightening
  • MTS (Microneedle Therapy Sistem)
  • Nature Facial with Extracting Comedo
  • Fruit Facial with Extracting Comedo

Is Facial treatment from korea has become one of the most favorite choices for women since 2016 till Now
BB Glow is treatment to make facial skin more brighter without pain. using nanoneedle and light ampoule serum and applying with special technique.

Korean Brightening Glow
It's almost similar with BB Glow, this Korean facial treatment can also make skin brighter , Glowing and With No Pain,
The difference between BBGLOW and Korean Brightening Glow is the Results of Color.

MTS (Microneedle Theraphy Sistem)
MTS is facial treatments that can help women to repairs acne or after acne scars on their faces and help shrink facial pores, regenerates the skin to make it smoother and softer, this treatments is using microneedle and need downtime 5-7 days, but don’t worry ! Our Beautican is Well Trained to this Facial Treatments.
We also prioritize hygiene in our salons, this is why we strictly believe in dispousable use policy and ensure all tools are sanitized!

Nature Facial
Nature facial is facial treatment with extracting comedo and special serum for cleansing and rejuvenation skin

Fruit facial
Fruit Facial is facial treatment with extracting comedo and special serum mix with fruit masker for refreshing skin and rejuvenation skin

MTS (Microneedle Therapy System)
BB Glow
Korean Glow
Nature Facial
Extracting Komedo
Fruit Facial

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